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This holiday season.........

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

This piece was gifted to me by the incredible BASA team, thank you, team! Artist Keneilwe Mokoena

My intention is always to add value to at least one life daily, encourage individualism, provoke thought and shape perspective. In the spirit of adding value, I chose to promote the work of the talented Keneilwe Mokoena.

In addition to my mission to spread love, light, kindness and peace. My goal is to ignite the courage within each of us to:

  • challenge the status quo,

  • have the confidence to try,

  • become comfortable with failure.

This way we live life on our terms and in the process obtain fulfilment, have the desired impact, and influence in areas that we choose to.

In this world, there will always be a disconnect between my view, your view and reality. It is human nature to interpret the world through one's situational and positional lenses. I have learnt to accept this, be comfortable with this, so I do not waste my resources on controlling things that are beyond my control.

As I can only control:

  • What I consume in terms of fuel, knowledge and the news

  • What I read

  • Who do I allow into my life

  • How I live my life

  • What I do with my time

  • How I use my energy

  • My actions

  • My motives, and

  • A lot more...

My time, energy and money are my top three resources. I intentionally deploy my top three resources to advance my goals, my dreams and my visions.

What are your top three resources and how do you use them to influence your fulfilled life?

Are you curious about life? If not, why not? My curiosity has served me well. As it allowed me to observe the world through multiple lenses and contributed to me mastering the art of forgiving and having an open mindset. The habit of always questioning myself, my actions and the behaviour of others, only in instances where I choose to care, has ensured that I do not conform or fit into anyone’s box. It has also contributed to me developing a mindset that allows me to bounce back from setbacks much quicker.

These past two years have challenged all of us. Like many, I too have lost family, friends and business associates. Having survived another challenging year, I believe we all deserve a gift. How are you gifting yourself this year? If you are unsure, have you thought about training your mind to become a stronger warrior?

If you are still on the path of knowing/ finding yourself, use this season to find your power, step into your power and own it. If nothing else, the past two years have made us realise that we are the only ones who can save ourselves and influence our achievements. So work at mastering this.

Music is the medicine, that heals me. Should you wish to listen I have listed the 12 songs that contributed to my sanity this past year. – Happy listening.

  1. Mama look at the mountain- Jimmy Cliff - ( this song influenced my childhood. I made sure to play it when my 16-year-old son (at the time) Rome and I summitted Mount Kenya)

  2. Lee Ann Womack – I Hope you Dance -

  3. Brand New Day - PP Arnold -

  4. Change – Christina Aguilera -

  5. Whitney Houston – Step by Step -

  6. Candlelight- Zhavia -

  7. My way – Aloe Blacc -

  8. Rise South Africa – Rootsprings Artists -

  9. Alicia Keys – We are here -

  10. Dipano – (Lokua Kanza)

  11. Alicia Keys – Underdog -

  12. Many Rivers to Cross - Jimmy Cliff -

I am curious what is your favourite song? I express my thanks in advance.

This is my holiday read:

I am aware that David Icke is controversial. I have a curious mind so I will sift out the facts and I will question when in doubt.

To the politicians and public sector who are committing to using our limited resources to improve the lives of our people and improve the effectiveness of our country, there are some good thoughts here that you can benefit from.

Happy Holidays everyone. Thank you to each of you who have contributed to making our world a kinder place by being kind to yourself and others. My prayer, a good 2022 for all of us.

Spread the love and Be KIND!

Thank you for stopping by!

I wish you love, light, happiness, and Freedom

Charmaine Soobramoney

I Am the Change and Free – Founder

Each One Hold One (EOHO) - Co-founder

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