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Modern Day Slavery – Impact on Women

On days like these, I spend time reflecting on my journey, my impact, and the people both good and bad that I have encountered in my life. Today being women’s day in South Africa, I could not shake off the information Matt Friedman, the counter-trafficking expert, shared in a recent conversation. According to Matt, there are 40 million people living in modern-day slavery. There are more slaves now than at any other time in history, despite slavery being illegal. He went on to

Human Rights = Ubuntu

On 21 March each year, South Africa celebrates Human Rights Day. In my view, Human Rights Day is the most important public holiday in South Africa. Our Nelson Mandela declared the 21st of March Human Rights Day to honour all those who fought and lost their lives in the struggle for freedom. Human Rights Day shines a light on our people who fought for their fundamental rights and courageously opposed the apartheid regime. This day is a reminder for South Africans to rise in u

This holiday season.........

This piece was gifted to me by the incredible BASA team, thank you, team! Artist Keneilwe Mokoena My intention is always to add value to at least one life daily, encourage individualism, provoke thought and shape perspective. In the spirit of adding value, I chose to promote the work of the talented Keneilwe Mokoena. In addition to my mission to spread love, light, kindness and peace. My goal is to ignite the courage within each of us to: challenge the status quo, have the

What is Kindness?

South Africa is a beautiful country, rich in culture, people and values. The Zulu greeting Sawubona – “I see you”. When we truly see all people through our warm greeting, a genuine smile, taking a moment to exchange a few words we spread joy, hope, love and so much more. This simple connection has the potential to Change lives in our world. Martha Machinjiri & Emily Sloan pictured Emily Sloan a beautiful soul and a fellow director at the Each One Hold One NPC recently demons

Let’s do Chai – The story behind the Brand

“Happiness is when what you THINK, what you Do and what you SAY are in harmony” Mahatma Gandhi Viki the owner of Let’s do Chai, journeyed through uncertainty and an emotional rollercoaster. Through this volatility, she stepped into her power. I had coffee with the owner of Let’s do Chai this past weekend. If you are wondering, yes, I am not a fan of chai- “tea” unless it's green tea. Actually, the brand has nothing to do with tea. CHAI is an acronym. Viki, you launched a b


My Song for South Africa in collaboration with Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) and the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA). The intention of the song is to ignite hope within each of us and to fuel an awareness that everyone has a role to play in mending our country's social fabric and the recovery of our economy. Willem Groenewald, Charmaine Soobramoney, Lynne Holmes & Yusuf Ganief The link to the press release is

The Creative Mandate - four women in Conversation

Women's month will end in few days. A woman's ability to influence and impact lives should not fade with the approach of the new month or the next hype. To keep the conversation alive, I am sharing this insightful conversation my co-host Mandie Van der Spuy the Deputy Chairman of Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) and I had earlier this year with these two phenomenal women Grace Meadows, the Head of Arts Programme at the British Council and Madeleine Lambert Head of Resea

Self-love and Kindness

Happy Monday! There is so much loss, hatred, conflict and poverty. With technology and the ease of access to information, blocking out the noise and negativity is more challenging. Melissa Dolphin-Rowland, my soul sister, co-founder, and the Wellness Guru at Each One Hold One take us through this self-love and kindness meditation she compiled. In addition to my daily drug music, I follow this 16-minute meditation to begin my day. I hope you find it beneficial too. If so plea

The Power of TRIBE and Support!

The beauty of a woman embodies more than her physical attributes and personality. It is in her strength, resilience, and tenacity to face the world with a smile each day no matter the pain within. On this day in 1956, over 20 000 South African women of all races marched in protest of the Pass laws that prohibited people of colour from entering the white areas without the relevant documentation. This Pass law was repealed 30 years later, in 1986. It is in honour of the women w

9 August 2020, Change is in our hands, take charge!

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world” – Hillary Rodham Clinton Melissa Dolphin-Rowland and Kubeshni Govender are changing this narrative by growing, supporting and creating opportunities for women through Each One Hold One (EOHO). I am fascinated by Kubeshni and Melissa's mind, heart, perspective to life and the desire to change the world. This Q&A explains my fascination. Kubeshnie: In a sentence, who is Kubeshni Govender? I am a mother, a partner

Creative Feel Q&A

Since COVID-19 hit and lockdown began, Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) has played an active role in supporting a creative sector in crisis. One example has been the Artist Relief Grants, which to date has provided support to 122 individual artists with grants to the value of R1 174 467. A further 67 grants of up to R10 000 specifically for medical assistance is currently available for creatives who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or who have been hospitalised as a res

Partnerships that are Bridging the Educational Divide

Quality education has the potential to be one of the greatest equalizers. In the home of Regina Molloy, this is a reality. In addition to Regina’s 3 children, Gladys, and her granddaughter Lesedi (pictured) also attend school. Regina Molloy, an educated Science professional with 26 years of experience, which includes working half her career at an international level understands the benefits of a good education and therefore introduces and promotes this into her sphere of infl

Each One Hold One Supports Each One Feed One on Mandela Day 18 July 2020

It is with heavy hearts that we commemorate the 18th of July 2020, Mandela Day. In the week that commemorates his birth, we see the memorial of his daughter and former ambassador, Zindzi Mandela. May her soul rest in peace. On the day dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela – we the founders of Each One Hold One have chosen to support The Each One Feed One campaign by donating to the cause at . We urge our stakeholders, friends and

Mr Fire and his Journey!!

I chatted to “Mr Fund Your Fire” recently – FIRE is the acronym for “Financial Independence, Retire Early” Mr Fire and I had an exciting conversation recently. Currently, many people are going through financial strain and may view this post as insensitive. If not now, then when? By continuing to delay the savings and investment process we only rob ourselves of our financial freedom, the benefits of compound interest and the associated peace of mind. In

All Lives Matter, including BLACK lives?

When I saw ED Dudley, a father, a grandfather, a brother, a son, a professional, a Vice-President, board member and a friend to many, black and white, expressing his pain, his suffering, his concerns and his personal experiences, I just wanted to wrap my arms around him. As I watched this BLACK AMERICAN MAN publicly express his feelings of hopelessness, I felt the greatest respect for ED, to me, ED demonstrated COURAGE. In Ed’s video, there are many lessons, learnings, and a

Trade-offs to grow the economy? Your thoughts?

With the high unemployment rate worldwide the associated burdens, frustrations and abject poverty continue to rise. If not resolved the situation will be more extreme in the months to follow. No one is immune from this hardship. Our silence or choosing not to be part of the solution will be felt by ALL, from both a financial perspective and a safety perspective. The ability to earn some money daily helps suppress hunger and the associated tension. Covid-19 dynamics increased

Mindset and Attitude are critical for personal and business growth!

In April Carly Barnes, the head of Marketing at Lulalend, and I spent time chatting about the challenges facing small businesses. Together we explored possible solutions and coping mechanisms. Our conversation highlighted the need for leaders to develop and encourage a mindset that allows honest assessment, courageous conversations, adaptability and the willingness to explore ideas and possibilities. My mission is to help businesses and individuals succeed. Successful small

Women are the STRONG Sex! Are you with me on this?

Sunrise captured from my childhood home My beautiful 75-year-old mum grew up with so many challenges. At 15, she contracted tuberculosis. She was quarantined for 6 months. When she recovered, she had to endure the stigma attached to this disease. Going back to school was not an option so she put aside her dream of becoming a nurse and worked as a maid. My mum, Devi, endured a multiple of life challenges, physical and mental abuse. She rose above this and sacrificed her own h

Lockdown to "Freedom"

If you are reading this, congratulations you clearly survived the 35-day lockdown. Your survival is confirmation that you are resilient to survive the next chapter. Tomorrow may be your first onsite workday. You are probably feeling a little uncertain. It is okay to feel anxious as we are navigating through largely unknown territory. The ONE thing that we are CERTAIN about is that COVID-19 needs you and I to give it wings to spread. Let us commit to defeating this enemy by: W

You are so much more than your JOB!!!!

The escalating unemployment rate and inequality always concerned me as ............. To that end, I have employed people that did not fit the corporate script but excelled with the guidance, support and encouragement. Now, I spend my days sharing skills, lessons learnt and opportunities with individuals and small businesses to help them grow and have the confidence to drive the economy and more importantly money into people’s pockets. Sometime back I wrote this article https:

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