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Self-love and Kindness

Happy Monday! There is so much loss, hatred, conflict and poverty. With technology and the ease of access to information, blocking out the noise and negativity is more challenging. Melissa Dolphin-Rowland, my soul sister, co-founder, and the Wellness Guru at Each One Hold One take us through this self-love and kindness meditation she compiled.

In addition to my daily drug music, I follow this 16-minute meditation to begin my day. I hope you find it beneficial too. If so please kindly share. Thank you!

Remember - "What we dwell on is who we become" Oprah Winfrey!

On Saturday at the Each One Hold One Session (EOHO) we unpacked the EOHO - WEALTH acronym"

W- Wisdom

E- Equity -Fairness & value of your shares

A - Asset - you are your primary asset & financial and non-financial instruments/material

L- Learning

T - Time

H- Health & Happiness

I included the above WEALTH acronym to remind us that wealth is more than money! Your mental and physical health is also important.

As I type I am listening to one of my many favourite songs. Music is my addiction and therapy. This song, Step by Step, helped keep me on track on my journey. I recently learnt that this was Annie Lennox's song The internet sure has its uses, use it wisely!

Take good care and stay safe, well and happy!

Thank you for stopping by!

I wish you love, light, happiness, and Freedom

Charmaine Soobramoney

I Am the Change and Free – Founder

Each One Hold One (EOHO) - Co-founder

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