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Modern Day Slavery – Impact on Women

On days like these, I spend time reflecting on my journey, my impact, and the people both good and bad that I have encountered in my life. Today being women’s day in South Africa, I could not shake off the information Matt Friedman, the counter-trafficking expert, shared in a recent conversation. According to Matt, there are 40 million people living in modern-day slavery. There are more slaves now than at any other time in history, despite slavery being illegal. He went on to

Human Rights = Ubuntu

On 21 March each year, South Africa celebrates Human Rights Day. In my view, Human Rights Day is the most important public holiday in South Africa. Our Nelson Mandela declared the 21st of March Human Rights Day to honour all those who fought and lost their lives in the struggle for freedom. Human Rights Day shines a light on our people who fought for their fundamental rights and courageously opposed the apartheid regime. This day is a reminder for South Africans to rise in u

This holiday season.........

This piece was gifted to me by the incredible BASA team, thank you, team! Artist Keneilwe Mokoena My intention is always to add value to at least one life daily, encourage individualism, provoke thought and shape perspective. In the spirit of adding value, I chose to promote the work of the talented Keneilwe Mokoena. In addition to my mission to spread love, light, kindness and peace. My goal is to ignite the courage within each of us to: challenge the status quo, have the

What is Kindness?

South Africa is a beautiful country, rich in culture, people and values. The Zulu greeting Sawubona – “I see you”. When we truly see all people through our warm greeting, a genuine smile, taking a moment to exchange a few words we spread joy, hope, love and so much more. This simple connection has the potential to Change lives in our world. Martha Machinjiri & Emily Sloan pictured Emily Sloan a beautiful soul and a fellow director at the Each One Hold One NPC recently demons

Let’s do Chai – The story behind the Brand

“Happiness is when what you THINK, what you Do and what you SAY are in harmony” Mahatma Gandhi Viki the owner of Let’s do Chai, journeyed through uncertainty and an emotional rollercoaster. Through this volatility, she stepped into her power. I had coffee with the owner of Let’s do Chai this past weekend. If you are wondering, yes, I am not a fan of chai- “tea” unless it's green tea. Actually, the brand has nothing to do with tea. CHAI is an acronym. Viki, you launched a b


My Song for South Africa in collaboration with Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) and the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA). The intention of the song is to ignite hope within each of us and to fuel an awareness that everyone has a role to play in mending our country's social fabric and the recovery of our economy. Willem Groenewald, Charmaine Soobramoney, Lynne Holmes & Yusuf Ganief The link to the press release is

The Creative Mandate - four women in Conversation

Women's month will end in few days. A woman's ability to influence and impact lives should not fade with the approach of the new month or the next hype. To keep the conversation alive, I am sharing this insightful conversation my co-host Mandie Van der Spuy the Deputy Chairman of Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) and I had earlier this year with these two phenomenal women Grace Meadows, the Head of Arts Programme at the British Council and Madeleine Lambert Head of Resea

Self-love and Kindness

Happy Monday! There is so much loss, hatred, conflict and poverty. With technology and the ease of access to information, blocking out the noise and negativity is more challenging. Melissa Dolphin-Rowland, my soul sister, co-founder, and the Wellness Guru at Each One Hold One take us through this self-love and kindness meditation she compiled. In addition to my daily drug music, I follow this 16-minute meditation to begin my day. I hope you find it beneficial too. If so plea

Navigating life as a young girl and a geologist in war & conflict-zone countries - Regina Molloy

A few days ago, I sent my friend Regina Molloy a message, “Hey Friend how are you doing?” We are both lovers of music, so the conversation went to Adele the singer “Hello….from the other side.” After a bit of play and banter, Regina told me about the piece she was invited to write for her school newsletter. I asked her to share this piece with me. When I read her piece, I was immediately drawn to the many teachable lessons embodied herein and decided to share this piece with

My Rants and Reflections!

2020 has been a year like no other. The loss of lives, finances, freedom of movement, and jobs are unparalleled. These losses impacted the emotional well-being of many. Some bounced back. Others are still on the journey of rediscovery and hope. Recently my energy and levels of motivation were lower than I am accustomed to. I acknowledged the need to recharge. So on the 2nd of April 2021, I switched off my phone. I had no interaction with the outside world. I did more of the t

Self love this Valentine’s Day

This beautiful piece was written by my soul sister Melissa Dolphin-Rowland for our Each One Hold One (EOHO) blog. The power behind Melissa's words and her personal declaration of intent is selfless and a message that needs to reach as many lives as possible...... I have to confess February 14th has always been and will continue to be a non-event for me. I AM love, light, happiness, freedom and peace. As long as I am breathing I choose to live my life and influence the world i

A World of Possibilities for the Month of LOVE and beyond!

Cedric Riley and Germaine Gaspard, two young men who have experienced the trials and tribulations of foster care and similar systems. The information in this conversation is worthy of our 57 minutes. Please listen and share it with your children and people in your circle of influence as this conversation highlights: the window of possibilities with the right attitude, how people and our choices influence our lives, the need to walk in the shoes of others before we judge, the

What is your origin story?

We all have an origin story. I recently experienced the power of self-healing and connection by sharing my story. Everyone needs someone to support them through their various moments of growth, learnings and despair. Choose your circle of influence wisely. The one thing that Germaine, you and I have in common is our ability to use our origin story to GROW and paint the world with love, kindness and hope. Through this process live a fulfilled and meaningful life. Each time Ger

Embracing Diversity through Reggae

Just popping in to send you some love and positive energy. I have so much to share with you however I had to recently use all my time to support people and related causes and have not had time to pen my thoughts. I woke up to one of my favourite songs this morning, “Remake the World” by Jimmy Cliff. I often get this reaction. “ You listen to reggae, that music is for the common people?” I just smile and softly respond “yes I am common”, whatever this means… Reggae music embo

Bhavana Issar's Personal Experience

This piece is an honest reflection of caregiving from a distance. I reposted this piece as it gives an insightful perspective and coping techniques. Bhavana is leading the discussion at the EOHO connect series this Friday. Please attend by confirming here To my male friends, this session is open to you. I hope to see you there!! Caregiving is often embedded so deep in our familial and social roles that many of us do not identify as caregivers. The

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