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What is your origin story?

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

We all have an origin story. I recently experienced the power of self-healing and connection by sharing my story.

Everyone needs someone to support them through their various moments of growth, learnings and despair. Choose your circle of influence wisely.

The one thing that Germaine, you and I have in common is our ability to use our origin story to GROW and paint the world with love, kindness and hope. Through this process live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Each time Germaine and I interact he reminds me “Be AMAZING today, it’s a choice.” There is so much power in words and action. Be intentional with your words and actions. Be kind to yourself!

I am going to share Germaine with you via his TEDx. You can also interact with him on the afternoon of 27 November 2020 as Germaine will lead the conversation at the Each One Hold One (EOHO) connect series.

Germaine Gaspard is a CEO, TEDx and international speaker, author, and coach. Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit that exists in all great leaders, he created the Good Life Living Group, an organization that builds top-notch leaders and extraordinary team members. With over twenty years of successes, Germaine has served as a lifeguard, college football MVP, Five-Time Junior Olympic National Championship Coach, criminal investigator, and Texas Ranger Special Ops team member. He has received numerous awards for his performance as an athlete, for his excellence on duty as a public servant, and his work and leadership within his community. Germaine holds a BA in Criminal Justice and a Master’s in Business Administration, but more importantly, he holds the heart of a Teacher and the Spirit of a Warrior.

If you want to be part of Germaine's conversation and tap into the energy and learnings please register here

Please email your questions and ideas to either or

Happy Monday!! Stay safe, well, and happy! I am sending you all love, light, happy and healing energy!

Thank you for stopping by:

I wish you love, light, happiness, and Freedom

Charmaine Soobramoney

I Am the Change and Free - Founder

Each One Hold One (EOHO) - Co-founder

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