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Where are the promised Jobs?

Last week Statistics South Africa released unemployment numbers for the third quarter of 2019. The percentage of the unemployed continues to rise and is now at 29.1%.

I generally choose not to compare, but in this situation, we need to fully grasp how massive our unemployment is, so I am sharing the unemployment rate of the other BRICS countries. Brazil's unemployment is 13%, Russia's is 6%, India's is 7.6%, and China's is 5%.

The Facts:

  • The jobs are not going to come to you.

  • Government’s debt ratio is spiralling out of control, this is going to further exacerbate our country’s challenges

  • Corporates are reluctant to expand or invest due to the economic situation, policy uncertainty as well as the advancement and automation introduced by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

On this, a few weeks ago I had the privilege of engaging with Ziaad Suleman the IBM Chief Operating Officer. It was exciting to hear about the advancement of technology and its benefits.

In response to my question of how this advancement in technology impacts jobs, it was comforting and encouraging to hear that a team of competitors are working together to find a solution to job losses and to continue to build the skills so people stay employed. My conversation with Ziaad reaffirmed the need to understand and EMBRACE CHANGE and develop the skills required to be an active participant. Ziaad is an amazing leader and an inspiration. I am interviewing Ziaad when he returns from the BRICS Summit later this month. I cannot wait to share these insights with you.

So, is it wise for us to continue to wait for the employment door to open?

If we accept that waiting is not an option, then what should we do?

  • Develop a positive, can-do attitude.

  • Assess the skills we have and the skills we need to influence and drive our objective.

  • Develop a solution-driven mindset. People will pay you to solve their problems.

  • Create opportunities and embrace learning diverse skills. Ziaad also shared how we all can learn aspects of coding online for free. Many free and reasonably priced online courses will contribute to your development.

  • Learn the art of hustling and hustle with intent

  • Build your network.

  • Starting can be lonely:

- Collaboration is one of the keys to success, so build your community.

- A partner that will keep you on track and focussed, starting is lonely and you require support and encouragement

We all have control over our personal development and the potential to earn an income. So let's stop waiting for someone to give us a job and let's take control!

Commit to having a positive, can-do attitude, take focused action, be disciplined and this will drive us closer to our goal of mastering skills and earning money.

Social-Tv and “I Am The Change and Free” are in the process of interviewing leaders of various institutions to understand and assess their leadership stance and commitment to Changing Lives. These podcasts will also be a source of learning and opportunities and will be available to you in December 2019.

Each of us has a role to play in developing our future and lending support to those starting and taking action to improve their lives. Please consider what is it that you can do to positively impact lives and email me,

Data is expensive, so online self-improvement studies may not be possible for all. My request to the radio and tv producers, PLEASE produce programmes that drive self-learning, entrepreneurial skills and opportunities. Your Action will significantly contribute to Changing Lives in South Africa!

Thank you for stopping by!

I wish you love, light, happiness, and Freedom

Charmaine Soobramoney

I am the Change and Free

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