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Women are the STRONG Sex! Are you with me on this?

Updated: May 11, 2020

Sunrise captured from my childhood home

My beautiful 75-year-old mum grew up with so many challenges. At 15, she contracted tuberculosis. She was quarantined for 6 months.

When she recovered, she had to endure the stigma attached to this disease. Going back to school was not an option so she put aside her dream of becoming a nurse and worked as a maid.

My mum, Devi, endured a multiple of life challenges, physical and mental abuse. She rose above this and sacrificed her own happiness and well-being to give my brothers and I a good life.

Mum for this and a million other reasons, I salute you. Thank you, mum!

I go onto salute the millions of women who push through their own hurt and pain to put on a brave face for the benefit of their kids, friends, colleagues, family, and the public.

During this crisis, the value of women and their ability to lead successfully in challenging times was heightened. Yet we are subjected to abuse and disrespect on a regular basis.

I want to share my recent experience. On 29 March 2020, I opened a Facebook account. My purpose for doing so was to facilitate administration on the Each One Hold One account –

Within minutes of opening the account, I had a few “friend” requests. With good intent, I accepted all friend requests. I even accepted Liverpool supporters!(Joking) As of today, I have 898 “friends” I do not know 96% of my ‘friends”.

My “new friends” do not know me but have tried to abuse me. Bizarre but true, some have called me a myriad of rude and unkind names, sent me some vulgar pictures. Facebook is a fascinating platform, it exposed me to a world of angry, bitter, unkind, and entitled people. Some of my “male friends” tried to abuse me because I did not engage with their personal messages. This type of abuse has the potential to scar women who are still in the process of developing their confidence and self-esteem. PLEASE STOP THIS AND WORK ON BEING KIND AND RESPECTFUL!

I chose not to engage, and I will not!

If you have the tendency to be an entitled online bully and REGRET your actions, please commit to being kinder and more respectful to your “friends”. If your new friends do not respond for whatever reason, you have control over that situation, unfriend them and make new friends. Choose to be kind. Growing this mindset will only benefit you in the future. If you cannot control your anger and need help, then reach out meaningfully via other platforms. Email a person or an organisation that can support you through this transition.

My online experience gave me additional perspective on why and how women and children are sexually, physically, and mentally abused. Unless each of us, take action to stop, prevent or drive positive messaging, daily women and children will continue to be abused and disrespected. Yesterday 18-year-old Evelyn was found and is currently in hospital. She is receiving treatment for her injuries. The campaigns intended to protect women and children are not having the desired impact. WHEN will this STOP? ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Hilary Leong- Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa -

I thank you for the work that you do in educating and driving this Change.

I am blessed to know amazing people. Thank you for being part of my journey.

To all the amazing Women I am blessed to know, I thank you for your strength and contribution.

To All the amazing mums' Happy Mother’s Day!

To all my amazing Male - family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues, I thank you for your contribution in driving the much-needed change, selflessness and the respect you demonstrate daily.

Each of us has a role in driving positive change, equality, respect, and kindness to all life. Please continue doing so. Let us watch our words and actions both in public and private spaces. Our kids mirror our actions.

Have a magical week ahead, everyone!

Stay safe well and happy. Remember to practice the necessary precautions so we can defeat COVID.

I am sending you all love, light, happy and healing energy!


Thank you for stopping by:

I wish you love, light, happiness and Freedom

Charmaine Soobramoney

I Am the Change and Free - Founder

Each One Hold One (Eoho) - Co-founder

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