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Men who give a Damn in Memory of Sherne Pillay

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

This feisty young lady was our niece Sherne Pillay. She died during the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. This international campaign is not having the desired impact.

Sherne was confident, fearless, strong, caring, kind, sexy and just a Beautiful person who cared for humanity and animals. She was everything a woman should be and more. She was taken at the tender age of 27, as much as it pains us that she is no longer with us, I choose to celebrate knowing that in the short time Sherne graced our earth, she lived life with passion and followed through on her commitment to serve and impact lives in ways she saw fit. She lit up spaces and people. Most times people were thankful that she was in the room, as she used her voice, energy, and spirit for the benefit of those who were still finding their voices.

Every day, the lives of women across the globe are ended by their partners. This inexplicable level of pain and anger experienced by the many people impacted by this multi-level loss needs our individual and collective intervention.

I survived a similar fate 30 years ago. Events that unravelled on Sunday, 23 August 2020, triggered the writing of this piece Once published, I was surprised by the number of female executives that reached out and shared their stories and some continue to live in fear. My opening statement, in this piece, commemorating women further confirms the tenacity, the plight of women and the slow transformation.

According to the United Nations, the abuse against women continues to rise year on year. In addition to all the collaborative initiatives fighting against the abuse of women and children, I need 108 men to commit to caring enough to support the #365daysofactivisim fight against gender-based violence in memory of Sherne Pillay, my aunt Chandra and the millions of women who are no longer with us. Please confirm your commitment by emailing "I commit” with your details to

So, what does this commitment entail?

  1. A pledge to help change the situation in your spheres of influence. Recently I was moved by a simple conversation Janez Vermeiren had with his son Matisse -

  2. A contribution of R100 a month towards intervention programmes

  3. A maximum 30 minutes of your time every 3 months, with the option to allocate more time when and if your diary permits

  4. Your name affiliated to the campaign listed on my website.

The intervention programmes will be rolled out under the Each One Hold One (EOHO) NPC, that I

co-founded with Melissa Dolphin-Rowland and Kubeshni Govender.

The campaign will be “108 Men Who Give A Damn In memory of Sherne Pillay”. Please walk this journey with my partners and I, in memory of Sherne Pillay and the many women who lost their lives as a result of another’s insecurity.

Our ability to think and act rationally will be tested many times. No one is immune to feeling pain, anger, and hatred. Germaine Gaspard, often tells me that challenges will come to all of us. In Germaine’s words- “Daily, people are entering into a battle, in a battle or coming out of a battle. Resiliency and self-love are keys to transforming pain into fuel for the greater good.” If you are still on the journey of mastering your resiliency, I urge you during this holiday season to find two simple things that fuel your soul and mind positively and make space, daily, to enjoy these positive triggers.

For me, music, water, and the amazing people in my life support me through my darkest times. This year has been tough for most people, and I wish you the strength and the wisdom to close out the year positively as only you can and in the spirit of giving I gift you this song as we are conquerors and capable of so much good despite…..,Conqueror by Estelle

In South Africa call 0 800 428 428 should you encounter or witness violence against women and children?

I thank you for consideration, commitment, and for engaging with this piece. I am sending you all love, light, happy and healing energy!

Should you have any ideas, questions, and solutions please email -

Thank you for stopping by:

I wish you love, light, happiness, and Freedom

Charmaine Soobramoney

I Am the Change and Free - Founder -

Each One Hold One (EOHO) - Co-founder -


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