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Chandra Designs

Hello, I am Charmaine Soobramoney and I am on a mission to help a million lives to ignite their Freedom.

Please join me on this journey as I encourage and support you via my writing, individual and group seminars on what it takes and means to retire at age 45 and live a wealthy life...

Through our journey I will teach you:

  • Tips, tricks, and lessons learnt in my wealth accumulating journey and my Freedom

  • How to connect and build your network of influence and support 

  • The need to and how to re-invent yourself

  • The power of believing in yourself

  • The power of healing and letting go...


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I have found such a sense of balance and richness in my own life. I want to impact people in taking the "Action" to find the Balance, Fulfillment,  and Freedom in their lives. Once you have achieved this state, spreading this to every person you meet becomes a natural way of life. So, PLEASE join me in mobilising " I am the Change and Free"  as YOU are the power behind your Freedom.

With love, light, happiness and Freedom!!

Charmaine Soobramoney


"I am the Change and Free" Movement

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